Three's Company Blues

Three's Company Blues

Charleston, WV

We play dynamic, vocal melody driven blues, blues rock, psychedelic blues, and covers you forgot you loved. Our music is charged by powerful, expressive guitar leads; subtle, yet solid basslines; thunderous, unrelenting percussion. We are all three vocalists, and we love to highlight the strength of our soulful lead vocals and tight, often out-of-the-box harmonies. Musical influences include delta blues, gospel, and classic rock. We play everything from seething slow blues to foot-stomping rock n roll and a little of everything in between.

Three’s Company Blues is a trio from Charleston, West Virginia, playing classic covers you forgot you loved, as well as our own blues/rock style originals.  The band was born of our driving desire to play music and keep the blues alive.  What began as a fun side project among friends quickly turned into a serious, focused celebration of the our passion for the blues, rock and roll, and celebrating expression through music.  We took that passion to the 2020 Huntington Blues Society's 6th Annual Blues Challenge and took first place.  We will be traveling to Memphis, TN to represent WV in the 2022 International Blues Challenge, competing with artists from all over the world.  We recently had the honor of being one of Cedar Point's Bands in Residence this summer July 12-16, 2021!  Playing 6 shows a day for 7 days straight, it was an unforgettable experience, and we are still so elated and grateful to have been given the chance to play for so many lovely people.  On June 4, 2022, we had the immense pleasure of acting as backing band to Kentucky native Jeremy Short, opening for Robert Cray Band and Blues Traveler at The Blues: Live & Loud in Ashland, KY!

Our first album, Devil in Disguise, was recorded at Riot City Studios in Morgantown and features nine original Three’s Company Blues songs.  The album is a well-rounded representation of the our style, featuring heavy blues rock, seething slow blues, down home delta blues, and a touch of indie rock.  While we often highlight instrumental and vocal solos, we are of the belief that our band's real strength lies in the sum of its parts.  As further evidence of that mindset, every aspect of Devil in Disguise, from song lyrics and musical structure to cover art and content, was a fully collaborative effort combining input from every band member.

Our second album, Waiting to Strike, was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Big River Media in Charleston and features seven original songs, plus a cover of Misty Mountain Hop.  This album was also a completely group-written project, which we completed during quarantine.

 We all grew up listening to music, and early on, we each developed a deep connection and love for the music of our parents’ generation.  This connection is apparent in our cover song choices and can also be heard in some stylistic aspects of our original tunes.  Our influences span a wide range of genres from Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, to Gov’t Mule and even Vulfpeck.

Our guitar player, Ryan, takes online lessons from none other than Dweezil Zappa, who graciously watched one of our videos and said of our group: These guys have a good sound in development.  The vocal blend is good, too.  There's something going on with them and they should stick with it.  I somehow hear them going in a quirkier direction, maybe even in a White Stripes zip code.

As individual musicians and collectively, we are driven, passionate, and eager to share our music with the world.  Even a pandemic couldn't stop this blues train.  We used quarantine to hone our individual skills and focus on our songwriting and social media content.  The last in-person show our city had before quarantine was our CD release party on March 14, 2020.  Two days later when we received the news of the shut-down, Ryan was immediately online doing research into the best methods for live streaming, and we were fully equipped and on the airwaves in less than a week.  Life as we know it may have faced some intense changes, but the music never stopped!

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Notes: We have our own IEM setup. We can just plug into your PA's pass through box so that you control FOH and we control our own monitors.