Slow Glows

Slow Glows

Cincinnati, OH

Slow Glows is a Cincinnati-based shoegaze band comprised of Kelli Redding, Rachel Thode, and Ian Gorby. Inspired by classic psychedelic rock and mellow indie classics, Slow Glows keeps things really loud and really dreamy with an abundance of hazy melodies that spiral out into the stars.

Slow Glows was founded in fall 2016 by drummer Rachel Thode, who soon recruited Kelli Redding on guitar/vocals and original bassist Liz Slocum (eventually replaced by current bassist Ian Gorby). Soon thereafter the trio began writing mellow, sunshine-drenched ballads inspired by their mutual love of classic indie albums.

In fall 2017 they recorded their debut EP, “Star Trail,” and played Ladyfest Cincinnati. In 2018 they released their first single, Sodapop, as a 7" vinyl via Rose Hill Records, as well as releasing a string of hazy, kaleidoscopic music videos.

In October they released their second EP, "79 Moons," and embarked on a two-week tour of the East Coast US. Slow Glows released their debut album, "Stargaze Rock n Roll," on August 24th, 2019. The album combines the lush reverb Slow Glows' live sets are known for with a raw, guitar-driven songwriting that creates an authentic listening experience reminiscent of both sunshine-infused retro rock as well as 90s indie classics. The album was recorded and mixed by Brian Olive at his analog studio Mt Saturn in Northside Cincinnati. The band will release their next single, "Sigh," in March 2020 and tour Texas and the surrounding areas. 

Slow Glows has been described as an upcoming shoegaze staple not to be missed, with plenty of praise for their EPs both locally and abroad. Their songs have been featured on various radio podcasts, blogs, and playlists, including CincyMusic, Citybeat, Live Eye TV, DKFM Shoegaze Radio, Indie In Red, Psychgazer, The Reverb, Shoegazer Sanctuary Music, Somewherecold Records, The Blog that Celebrates Itself, and more. 

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