Queen City Silver Stars

Queen City Silver Stars

Cincinnati, OH

serious island vibes

New single available for streaming at our Bandcamp.com site!

2017 Cincinnati Entertainment Award Nominee in the World/Reggae category. 

If life is a beach, QCSS is your house band. The QCSS are committed to pairing Caribbean and World rhythms with unique and thoughtful songwriting in an uplifting, positive atmosphere.

Mic DI Box
Rack Tom 1
Rack Tom 2
Floor Tom 1
Electric Drums
Electric Guitar 1
Mic DI Box
Electric Guitar 2
Electric Guitar 3
Acoustic Guitar 1
Acoustic Guitar 2
Acoustic Bass
Keyboard 1
Keyboard 2
Turntable 1
Mic DI Box
Turntable 2
Electric Misc
Acoustic Misc
String 1
String 2
String 3
Brass 1
Brass 2
Brass 3
Mic DI Box
Woodwind 1
Woodwind 2
Vocal 1
Vocal 2
Vocal 3
Vocal 4
Vocal 5