Plush Machine

Plush Machine

Cincinnati, OH

PLUSH MACHINE. A collaboration of journeymen musicians from the seven hills of Cincinnati, Ohio. Bound by their shared vision for song craft, smoldering groove, and pure tone. Each member brings a unique musical aesthetic to the band. Feel it. Introspective, soul-searching alternative rock with a hint of psychedelia. Songs without meaningless cliches. PLUSH MACHINE: William Weber – guitar (Chrome Cranks, GG Allin and the Murder Junkies, The Tigerlilies) Walt Hodge – guitar, vocals (The Libertines, Rituals) Mike Huegen – bass (Cybermen, Honchos, The Reduced) Todd Witt – drums (Wolverton Brothers, 11,000 Switches, BPA, The Mudlarks, The Libertines)

Plush Machine began in 2020 with a call from Chrome Cranks guitarist William Weber offering to play bass in a new band being formed by Walt Hodge, longtime front man for The Libertines (US).  Funny thing was, there was no band being formed at the time!  A mutual friend had decided to prod the notoriously reclusive singer/songwriter back into action by inventing the whole thing.  But the timing was right, with widespread boredom caused by a lingering pandemic.  So, rather than hang up on William as a prank caller, the two got acquainted and began working together.

As 2021 grew near and the prospect for playing live shows was close at hand, the duo needed a rhythm section.   William invited friend Mike Huegen from Los Honchos to join them on bass.  Walt called his former bandmate Todd Witt to handle percussion, and as an added bonus came up with a name for the group.  Plush Machine.  Rehearsals quickly built up a repertoire of original material, and the band has been playing shows around Greater Cincinnati since 2022.  Their debut album 'Hit Me' released in May 2023.

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