Keshvar Project

Keshvar Project

Cincinnati, OH

Keshvar Project, a music and dance ensemble, is a rich collective of creative and dynamic spirits. They know how to fire up a crowd, get ‘em dancing, as well as root them gently in their seats mesmerized by choreography and song . Ancient rhythms, stylized through a 21st century lens, create a hypnotizing flight of melodies and drumming. Dancers dramatically express both the sensual and the earthy layers of sound. Musicians in a middle eastern gypsy jazz fusion of originals and old world classics drive the dance. Out of this mix of passions rumbles forth a vision of moonlit celebrations with a harmonious spice. Let the spirit and soul of the Keshvar Project inspire you…

"Keshvar" is an ancient Persion word describing the structure of the world and its origins.  Likewise, borne out of the ancient sounds of the Middle East and the movements of American Tribal Style Belly Dance, Keshvar Project extends and encompasses all parts of the world, borrowing and honoring different cultures and styles. 

Interaction and communication among the dancers express the language of feminine energy though choreographed and improvised movements; adding the passion of the musicians creates a unique 21st century expression of music and movement.  Together the original live, heart-felt music and dance showcase the old and new in powerful, mesmerizing performances, refelctive at one moment and intense the next. 


"Keshvar Projet - Ancient Art with a Modern Heart" 

~ A 2015 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards nominee for "Regee/World Music" ~

Mic DI Box
Rack Tom 1
Rack Tom 2
Floor Tom 1
Electric Drums
Electric Guitar 1
Mic DI Box
Electric Guitar 2
Electric Guitar 3
Acoustic Guitar 1
Acoustic Guitar 2
Acoustic Bass
Keyboard 1
Keyboard 2
Turntable 1
Mic DI Box
Turntable 2
Electric Misc
Acoustic Misc
String 1
String 2
String 3
Brass 1
Brass 2
Brass 3
Mic DI Box
Woodwind 1
Woodwind 2
Vocal 1
Vocal 2
Vocal 3
Vocal 4
Vocal 5
Notes: Keshvar Project is comprised of both musicians and dancers. The musicians perform in back and to stage left of the dancers. See our plot. Our ideal space is 20ft x 12ft. for both musicians and dancers and a larger area is always welcomed. We are more acoustic than electric. All string instruments have internal pickups. The flute/clarinet musician has a high mic for flute a low positioned mic for clarinet. Our violinist/guitarist also sings vocals and sometimes plays trumpet through the vocal mic. Our drummer plays a doumbek sitting down and our 2nd percussionist plays a tupan both miced, flute/clarinet player mixes his two mics to a samll submixer - that 1/4" output would go to a DI box. The electric guitar and electric bass would go to DI boxes as well (shaped like a bass drum standing. Further questions can be answered by Greg Morris at 513-253-1234