Blossom Hall

Blossom Hall

Cincinnati, OH

Garage Pop for fans of the Pixies and the Strokes.

  Blossom Hall is a blend of 90s alternative rock and 60s vocal harmony. The band debuted as a side project between Nancy Paraskevopoulos (vocals, bass, synth) and Phil Cotter (vocals, guitar), who wanted to write weirder and poppier songs than they’d written in other bands.  Two years in, Charlie Schefft (drums) filled in on a last minute gig and his bombastic, precise drumming was a perfect fit.

    Blossom Hall have been compared to the Pixies, the Strokes and late era Beatles. In their first two years as a band, Blossom Hall has opened for Born Ruffians, Broken Social Scene, Frightened Rabbit and R. Ring. The band released an EP, "Parasols" in January of 2018, and are also recording a full-length record to release in 2019.

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