Gypsy Stone

Gypsy Stone

Cincinnati, OH

We are Gypsy Stone, a party band from the eastside of Cincinnati. We play a mix of Rock and Country and are focused on keeping the crowd dancing. Gypsy Stone was formed in 2008 and has been booked steadily since then. Formed with all veteran musicians, all of whom have been performing for over twenty years, Gypsy Stone is quickly being recognized around the Cincinnati area. We are currently working with an Indie record label in Nashville, they produced our first original CD, "Prophesy" that was released in early 2013. Our second is due in mid 2014.

Every band has a beginning.  Gypsy Stone, is one of trial, tribulation, and corrective actions.  Our first gig took place in a small town outside of Cincinnati Ohio. A woman took the stage when the world told her it would never happen. But with a supportive husband standing behind her on the bass, the story had only just begun. The guitar starts, the hit of a kick drum, the lights shine, and then you hear it.
It was a voice that leads to Nashville. The idea for the band started on that stage, and so began the search for the right talent, personality, and sound.

Different names, different sounds and the names multiplied inside the basement rehearsal space. All with their own reasons for being here, money, a chance for stardom, etc. The right talent took over 60 months of trial and error to find the members to deliver the promise that is Gypsy Stone today, a party band with attitude.
The band debuted at a church festival in July, 2008 and Peter gave the band the name, "Gypsy Stone" And you ask for the meaning to the name? A mix of music covering country and rock-n-roll. Over the next few years, the band played their own versions of cover songs around the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Playing covers is fun, but not enough.
In the spring of 2012, they started working with an Indie label in Nashville, TN. “Prophesy" was our first collaboration.
With this task accomplished, a bigger dream was born. In the fall of 2012, song ideas were pitched, 10 songs were chosen to fit their style to perfection.
Studio 19 in Nashville, TN, was where their new dream began of an original collaboration, and that's where “Brownsville” was born.

The future lies in front of us!

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Floor Tom 1
Electric Drums
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Acoustic Bass
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Notes: Lead vocalist has a wireless mic and in-ear monitors.